Allergy Aware School

Many students on our campus are challenged with various and serious allergies to all types of nuts, as well as to shellfish, dairy products, and animal dander. In some cases these allergies are so severe as to cause a serious reaction if the children are exposed to their allergen. To ensure a safe school environment for all of our students in an inclusive educational environment, we provide some very important accommodations:


All students keep their backpacks, snacks, and lunches outside of the classroom, and practice hand washing after snacks and meals to reduce the chance of accidental contamination of shared play equipment and other surfaces. As an extra precaution there is an "allergy table" designated in the lunch court for students with various food allergies. Students are instructed to never share food items with their friends. Parents of children with serious food allergies can request special menus for their children through the school's cafeteria manager.


Animals will not be allowed on campus per Civic and Educational Codes.


1. The families of children with severe allergies have provided emergency kits which are kept in the Health Office and affected classrooms.
2. All school personnel have been informed and have participated in ongoing training in how to recognize and respond to allergic emergencies.
3. Key staff members have been trained to administer treatment to students experiencing an allergic reaction.


School personnel are trained to recognize the symptoms of allergic reactions as well as in the administration of treatments for allergic reactions (such as epi pens). We ask that parents discuss allergies with their children and help them understand that some students have severe allergies to certain foods, animals, and insect bites. We ask that parents remind their children not to share food with their friends. We also ask that parents and family members refrain from bringing pets to our campus, even in a vehicle.

Please check with your child's teacher before sending any "treat" items to the school.

The staff of Longfellow Spanish Immersion School, as well as the families of our students with severe allergies, very much appreciate your support and cooperation regarding this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the principal at 619-605-8300.

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